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Welcome to U.S. Canine

Owner Angie Woods operates U.S. Canine, a canine rehabilitation center, located in Buford, GA and has been working with dogs for over 20 years. Angie currently has a pack of over 20 dogs. Her pack is balanced, therefore can assist in the rehabilitation of client dogs. U.S. Canine specializes in aggression, fears, phobias, and other behavioral issues.

The behavior specialists have a special approach at U.S. Canine. They are not obedience trainers and strictly specialize in behavior problems. There is no learning to roll over, speak, lay down. These are great things to learn but they are not applicable to solving behavior problems in your dog!

At U.S. Canine, we train dogs according to Dog Psychology. Dog obedience training is an entirely different approach than Dog Psychology. Dog Psychology means learning how dogs do things amongst themselves and is the natural way of communicating with your dog. Become more in tune to Mother Nature and your instincts; if you're looking for dog training, this the real deal.

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