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 Pack Hikes

During the week many of us spend hours behind a desk, a television, a computer screen, the steering wheel, but rarely do we take time to simply be outside in nature, enjoying the fresh air. Lead by Angie, pack hikes are a fun and interactive way of creating a structured environment to exercise and socialize our dogs. So come enjoy mother nature with your dog in a group setting on one of our pack hikes. ok   Though all are welcome, we do have a few pack hike rules that everyone must follow in order to participate:
  1.  All dogs MUST be on a leash. No off-leash walking/hiking.
  2. For the safety of you, your dog, and others: NO FLEXI-leashes!  Check out this great article to get a better understanding of why we don't allow the use of flexi-leads. (
  3.  If you see a yellow marker (ribbon, bandana, vest) on a dog walking, PLEASE do not approach the dog. This is a sign that the dog needs space.(
  4. Please follow the rules and regulations of the park (location)--please, clean up after your pet.


    Want a Pack Hike in your neck of the woods?

    Angie Woods and Dog Psychology 101 are looking for hosts throughout the United States to sponsor one of our Pack Hikes. If you or someone you know are interested, shoot us an email at

Behavior Problems

• Aggression
• Phobias
• Hyperactivity
• Excessive Barking
• Bad Manners

See amazing results as you learn about the "pack behavior" approach.

Many people seek obedience training before establishing pack leadership without knowing that this is backwards approach. Obedience training should be the follow-up after all behavior problems have been addressed.

U.S. Canine focuses on training people to be good pack leaders and dogs to be good followers!

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