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Our Success Stories

Bo’s Story

It’s been 2-1/2 months since Bo spent 2 weeks with you for aggression. I have to tell you, we didn’t think we’d be able to keep Bo those first two weeks after he came home. I think the fear of him attacking one of us again was so deep in our minds and he just didn’t act like the same dog after all that happened…

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Trixie’s Story

My story is an eye opener to anyone who thinks their dog cannot be transformed. I own a 12 year old very active pitbull mix who has always been very aggressive towards other dogs – I always had said “Trixie” will never let me own another dog. Little did I know there was the “Dog Whisperer” Angie Woods…

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Bentley’s Story

In August of 2011 we saw online where a beautiful stray dog was given the grace to wander into the woods behind the home of none other than volunteers of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. We were drawn to this angel right away, even though he was not up for adoption yet, we had to meet him after hearing of his rescue. He had appeared in the woods dragging a cellphone cord tight around his neck. He was hot, thirsty, scared, and not yet trusting of people…

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Bean’s Story

I am no stranger to dogs and considered myself a fairly competent trainer of my dogs, until 12/30/17. On that date we had an incident in our home involving our dogs, three pit mixes and a terrier mix, which required a doctor visit and serious contemplation on re-homing one of our dogs, Bean. Around the age of 1 she began to exhibit signs of what we thought was dog aggression. I tried everything I knew, and for short periods of time it worked. Until it didn’t. On that date in December I was ready to give up, and almost did…

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Summer & Mason’s Story

We have tried to write this so many times before but every time we sit down we’re at a loss for words. Thank you doesn’t seem to be strong enough to show you our appreciation for all the ways U.S. Canine has helped our family. Before we found them, we felt trapped: we wanted to be good responsible dog owners, but over time had become incapable of handling our two fur kids, Summer and Mason. Their aggression toward other dogs and humans had increased to what we felt like was a dangerous level. We stopped taking them places, refused to have people at our house, and basically had no idea how to break the cycle. We lived in fear that every time we went for a walk would be the time that we lost control…

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Danny’s Story

In January of 2008, I rescued five dogs and two cats from a gas chamber at the Spalding Animal Control in Georgia. One of the dogs, a chow, presented an especially troubling challenge. He was considered extremely aggressive. He had a long cable attached to his collar which none of the workers could get close enough to the dog to remove. He also would lunge at the bars of his enclosure whenever workers approached. Food needed to be pushed under the door because no one wanted to go into the enclosure…

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