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Does your pup need Angie's help? Is your pup displaying behaviors that you just can't solve on your own? Send us your video clips of your pup behaving badly and you could win a consultation at US Canine's facility.

Please remember, the larger the file is the longer it will take to upload so try to keep your clips around 40 seconds in length

By clicking Submit, you agree that your video will may be published on, dogpsychology101 and/or their respective Facebook pages and entities. Once submitted the video becomes the property of US Canine for use as deemed appropriate by US Canine. You further agree that no human or animals were harmed during the course of making the video you are choosing to upload. Should you win a free consultation you will be responsible for the transportation/accommodation for yourself and your pup

Behavior Problems

• Aggression
• Phobias
• Hyperactivity
• Excessive Barking
• Bad Manners

See amazing results as you learn about the "pack behavior" approach.

Many people seek obedience training before establishing pack leadership without knowing that this is backwards approach. Obedience training should be the follow-up after all behavior problems have been addressed.

U.S. Canine focuses on training people to be good pack leaders and dogs to be good followers!

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