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Immersion Program

immersion prog


The immersion program is the crème de la crème of dog behavior modification. Think of it as more of a summer camp than a “doggie boot camp.” We’re here to be sure your dog has fun while also learning. Your pup is immersed into an already balanced pack to help change the way he sees the world. By understanding where he falls in the hierarchy of life, your dog will become more relaxed, balanced, well-behaved, and better able to deal with stressful situations. The program is set up to get you and your dog over the initial hump of training, and then we are able to provide you with the proper education as to how to maintain your new relationship and prevent future behavioral problems


As the owner, you must be willing to have an open mind and make big changes in your behavior. People are 70% of the training process, and the dogs are 30%. The most important component of this program is the education of the human family. That being said, your family will need to attend private teaching sessions every seventh day when your pup is in the house. (If you are traveling, we will adjust these dates to meet your schedule). It is imperative that all family members attend so that everyone is on the same page and can become a great working team. (Don’t be surprised to receive your own homework assignments!)


The immersion program lasts 2-3 weeks, based on the behaviors exhibited by your dog. Your dog will stay at our rehabilitation center in Buford and receive one-on-one training with our professional team of trainers, as well as with Angie’s balanced pack of training dogs. An appointment will be made for you to bring your dog to an initial consultation with our behavior specialists concerning the issues and goals you have for your dog. As mentioned above, there will be a consult every seventh day with your family and anyone who frequently interacts with your pup. These consults will provide you with all of the dog psychology 101 you will need to maintain good behavior in your dog and prevent future issues from occurring. These consults last around two hours minimum.

While your dog is staying with us, we'll post pictures of them on Facebook so you can see how they're doing. Be sure to "Like" our U.S. Canine page so you can check in! eil Benefits of becoming an Immersion Client:
  • Free follow-up lessons at the center for the life of the dog. If we can’t handle your problem via email or phone call, we will schedule a time for you to come back to the center for a refresher lesson at no cost.
  • Home visits are half the normal rate.
  • Complete treadmill training for your dog. (Yes, your dog will be able to exercise his or herself on a treadmill and enjoy it!)
  • Eligibility to return for overnight boarding and doggie daycare – a service we only offer to clients.
  • A happy, balanced dog!

Behavior Problems

• Aggression
• Phobias
• Hyperactivity
• Excessive Barking
• Bad Manners

See amazing results as you learn about the "pack behavior" approach.

Many people seek obedience training before establishing pack leadership without knowing that this is backwards approach. Obedience training should be the follow-up after all behavior problems have been addressed.

U.S. Canine focuses on training people to be good pack leaders and dogs to be good followers!

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