By: Tracy L.

Since working with U.S. Canine, I have had the best of intentions several times to compose a review, but each time I’ve sat down to type I’ve been distracted by and redirected to spending time with my totally transformed dogs. Angie, Josh, and the staff at U.S. Canine are amazing.

I sought their expertise in February, 2017 when I needed help behaviorally with two of my three female Old English Sheepdogs. I compete in performance sports with them and am well-versed in the mechanics of obedience training, but when two started to exhibit signs of aggression towards each other, I knew I needed help.

The issues I was experiencing required more behavior modification and a psychological approach vs. standard command and manners training. Enter U.S. Canine. My youngest, a high-energy, high-drive 3-year old, completed U.S. Canine’s two-week Immersion Program…then the other, a 10-year old, joined for two-weeks of boarding so they could be integrated together on neutral ground before returning home to familiar territory.

While my dogs were at U.S. Canine, I met several times with Angie and/or Josh for one-on-one consultations, during which I learned more than I could have imagined about what to look for in terms of body language and physical cues to redirect and avoid potential escalating tension between them. I was taught how to become a more effective leader.

When Josh and Joey brought my dogs home upon program completion, we reviewed how to proceed based on all I’d learned and all the dogs had experienced. I am happy to report that in the almost year since, we have had no incidents and all three dogs live peacefully together.

I still take my youngest, the 3-year old, back to U.S. Canine once a week for daycare…she is the most high-maintenance of my three in terms of temperament, so daycare helps vent her energy and continue valuable socialization. I would highly recommend U.S. Canine… four weeks, two balanced and stable dogs, one happy owner!